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ISO 9001 And The 2015 Revision

ISO 9001 primarily pertains to the requirements imposed, relating to quality management systems,which need to be fulfilled by organizations wanting to receive a standard certification.  It is also one of most widely used management tools today. The global adoption of this particular ISO by many companies may be attributed to several factors.Major purchasers often demand that their suppliers to be an ISO 9001 holder. ISO 9001 holders claim to have received benefits such as superior operational performance and better financial standing since gaining this type of certification.

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ISO 9001 is supported by two ISO standards:  ISO 9000:2005 (Quality management systems Fundamentals and vocabulary) and ISO 9004: 2009 (Managing for the sustained success of an organization — A quality management approach). Both supplementary standards are used to enhance and sustain management systems’ methods to ensure quality results. Every five years, ISO 9001 undergoes a revising process to keep it updated and at par with new progressive procedures.

At this point, ISO 9001 has reached the Committee Draft stage for its 2015 revision. This is the first consultation in the series of developments that need to be done in order to form a more improved ISO standard. During this phase, ISO members from different parts of the world that have been chosen to participate have 2-4 months to establish a national position regarding the draft and produce an opinion about it. They can ask the public for inputs but this will not automatically be considered as the Public Comment stage.

ISO Consultant For The Quality Standard

If you want to get an ISO 9000 standard certification for your firm, it would be wise to hire a competent ISO consultant.  An ISO consultant will help you formulate a strategic plan and bring together the necessary resources that will enable you to meet the requirements needed to achieve a registration. To put it simply, it is like hiring a sideline coach for the whole management team— always ready to motivate and train the employees to accomplish the task at hand without fail.  An ISO consultant will even point out reoccurring pitfalls that may detract your chances of getting ISO recognition.

During the revision process, if you are an ISO participant, your ISO consultant can offer a broad and unbiased perspective and address rational solutions to various problems.  This will allow you to provide a comprehensive and well-organized national position that can contribute greatly to the improvement of a particular ISO standard.  Your ISO consultant can also guide you through the changes that may be implemented after the revisions have been finalized.

If you are one those companies looking for a reliable ISO consultant that will help you deal with the requirements and make sure that you are able to stand on your own during third party audits, you can call Quality Systems Enhancement at 770-518-9967 for premium ISO consulting services.  Quality Systems Enhancement (QSE) aims to aid their clients to successfully achieve Quality System Registration in a time-saving and cost-effective manner.  They also offer proper training and auditing to maximize customers’ intangible benefits.  Contact us by calling 770-518-9967 today.

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