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BRC Global Standards

Safety and Quality Operations

BRC Global Standards is the leading certification program that guarantees the equivalence of safety, quality and operational criteria. It is widely used by certificated suppliers in many countries and is an integral requirement for primary retailers. Manufacturers are also obliged to fulfill their legal responsibilities by providing protection to end-product consumers.

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BRC’s Global Standard for Food Safety:

BRC aims to provide a program that is committed to sharing the best practice that will consistently facilitate food safety improvement by giving a dependable global model of a secure and efficient manufacturing performance. BRC’s Global Standard for Food Safety encompasses precise measurement and careful assessment of all factors that influence the quality of the consumable end-products.  It gives manufacturers a substantive framework of how to produce, manage and sustain product quality to meet customers’ expectations and needs.  Given the extent of its international reach and thoroughness of the auditing process, BRC’s Food Safety Standard has become a benchmark that food service-related companies seek for to attain the brand of quality and trust that people rely on when it comes to safeguarding their consumer benefits.  In fact it has become so crucial in terms of food safety confidence that companies now require BRC certification when evaluating suppliers’ capabilities and credentials.

Yearly, when Global Food Safety Standard audits are conducted, BRC makes certain that they are able to collect a vast amount of information and data that will help improve their programs. Thanks to technological advances, BRC is now able to analyze completely whatever set of data they have and from it extract vital developments and trends that offer a comprehensive view about food safety and production performance that basically covers all eighteen of their food categories; ranging from raw food to packaged meals.  Documented reports also detail unique local snapshots and insightful maps of strengths and weaknesses from specific regions and countries to detect possible growth in markets. In this manner, important learnings regarding food safety issues are highlighted.  Commonalities between focused key markets are identified as well.  Like any research, these BRC certificated sites’ audit results are not necessarily reflective of a region or country’s entire food manufacturing condition as they are undertaken for various reasons.

For the purpose of keeping the Standard’s integrity, audits are not carried out by BRC but by approved certification bodies instead. The only objective of BRC is to ensure that audits are done in the exact same way regardless of country of production, auditor or product to maintain their global standard certification scheme.

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