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Document Simplification

Companies understand they are facing data integrity problems more than ever before, and management teams are growing increasingly concerned that paperwork has grown out of control over the years. Organizations have added extra checks, extra fields, and immense numbers of signatures in response to deviations only to find similar issues reoccurring. Documentation simplification training provides you with the practical tools to help you maximize the potential of your operation by significantly simplifying your documentation and the content of procedures. Today’s documents contain inherent risks, error traps, and ambiguity that also have over-complexity, incomplete instructions, or inadequate recording space. These issues can lead to inaccuracies and data losses. Companies need to simplify their documents and documentation processes for success and longevity.

Things to know and learn

Companies should know the causes of complexity and how to measure it. Employees should know the regulatory expectations of proper documentation practices and recent deficiencies in their area. Employees should know when their team is performing inadequately on first-time metrics. It is imperative to know and understand data integrity implications when completing the documentation process. Employees should learn to simplify those records, procedures, and documented processes. Learn your documents are too long, complicated, and creating poorly completed documentation. The Management Team should learn and understand the best industry practices and drive out complexity. These concepts should be learned from the top down and turned into the company culture.

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