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HACCP And ISO 22000

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Understanding ISO 22000 And Relevance Of HACCP

The ISO standard 22000 pertains specifically to the requirements needed to ensure proper implementation of food safety management. This ISO standard only becomes efficient if the following elements are present and given importance:

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1)     System management – Recognition of members’ positions and roles is crucial as it ensures the success of the system’s establishment and operation.  Getting the help of individuals who have sufficient know-hows about these programs like ISO consultants can help the organization with its ISO standard certification and ISO training.

2)     Prerequisite programs – ISO standard 22000 can be implemented independently or be integrated with other available management system requirements like ISO 9001 to enhance the effectiveness and compatibility of both standards.

3)     Interactive communication – Active communication between key people along the food production segments is necessary to make certain that all food hazards are recognized and promptly controlled at each stage.

4)     Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) principles – ISO standard 22000 incorporates the principles of HACCP system with prerequisite programs for a more secure food safety management application.  Since ISO standard 22000 demands that all hazards be identified and assessed, HACCP is an important step in organizing the information needed to establish a reliable set of control measures.  It also helps provide the means to define and record why certain food hazards have to be controlled by involved organizations (auditable requirements).

Benefits of ISO standard 22000

  • Organizations who adopt ISO Standard 22000 have the chance to improve their processes and food safety criteria by basing the development of their products and services on qualifications widely accepted by the food industry; enabling them to compete in the market strongly.
  • Quality and safety are assured as risks of getting foodborne diseases are reduced.  Since food hazards can occur at any time during storage and food preparation, it is critical that food safety is constantly maintained.
  • Use or investment of resources are well-facilitated and proper guidance of ISO consultants are well-applied.  Unnecessary squandering of wealth are avoided as involved parties are made aware of the things they should capitalize on.
  • Creates safer jobs in the food sector ensured by meticulous ISO trainings.  Wrong methods are immediately corrected by ISO consultants and additional trainings are provided.
  • Techniques and procedures practiced during production are easily documented and verified during audits.
  • Increase in profit is guaranteed as consumers develop trust and commitment to the brand, leading to a healthy producer-consumer relationship

For organizations eager to improve their food safety standards and obtain an ISO standard 22000 certification, Quality Systems Enhancement (QSE) is more than willing to provide the precise and careful consultations and ISO training needed to make your company world-class competent.  QSE offers programs that can be customized according to your specific needs and budget.  QSE is the best ISO consultant you can rely on when it comes to quick and organized ISO standard registration.  For more inquiries regarding ISO 22000 certification, you can contact QSE Consultant through the website or call 770 – 518 – 9967 now.

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