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E-stewards Global Standards for Recycling and Re-using Electronics

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The E-stewards is a global standard measure that has been designed for recycling and re-using electronics. The standard measure has been a product of extensive research work and is bound to become one of the main frameworks that will be used to promote consistency in electronic recycling. The program is a sector-specific standards measure for environmental responsibility among electronics producers and manufacturers. The foundational concepts in the framework have been put forth by environmental and recycling experts as well as experts in asset recovery.

The E-steward presents a collective approach by organizations to develop a unique policy framework for occupational health and safety as well as modern practices in recycling and re-using electronics for better environmental management. The E-steward standards have been designed to comply and conform to international social accountability practices as well as waste management and trade protocols. The main ISO standards program that has been incorporated in the standard includes ISO 14001 for the Environmental Management Systems (EMS).

The following are some of the requirements for the system:

  • Systematic documentation of practices that are helping towards electronics recycling and re-use.
  • Involves all the foundational requirements for ISO 140001.
  • There is also the emphasis on effective health and safety policies that should be implemented within the organizational structure.
  • Places fundamental emphasis on efficient waste management policies that will be incorporated in the Environmental Management System for electronic recycling.
  • The standard requires companies and organizations to take a leading role in social accountability and responsibility.
  • Mandates companies and organizations to clearly identify and define hazardous waste.
  • Reduce and actually eradicate any transfer of hazardous waste material from developed countries to developing nations.
  • Compels companies to promote safe handling of waste or re-use electronic waste.
  • Provides requirements for organizations to develop risk assessment and insurance policies of exposure to hazardous waste.

The benefits of the E-stewards are as follows:

  • Gives your organization a platform to develop a well effective system of management that allows for cleaner and safer handling of electronic waste.
  • Recycling electronics and re-using them is one of the major cost effective ideas promoted through the E-stewards charter.
  • Clearly defines potentially hazardous electronic processing technologies as well as mitigates all loop holes including airborne toxins resulting from such processing.
  • Allows organizations to clearly document e-waste materiel as well as continually re-using and recycling of the e-waste material.
  • The program facilitates understanding and creating a management system for process maintenance to reduce any toxicity that may arise, leading to safe production and reducing risk of cover up costs.

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