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Core Tools Training

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IATF 16949 is an internationally recognized technical specification for Quality Management Systems in the automotive industry.  IATF 16949:2016 is the latest version of this standard and it deals with the development and design of automotive-related parts.  It includes all requirements indicated in the ISO 9001 standard with the addition of several requirements responding to the specific needs of the automotive Industry.

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There are five essential core tools needed to effectively implement IATF 16949 audits.  So accordingly, there are also five core tools trainings organizations must go through for a hassle-free IATF 16949 registration.

Core Tools Training:

  • Advanced Product Quality Planning TrainingAPQP is a disciplined process intended for suppliers to make sure that they are capable of producing designs and manufacturing systems that satisfy their clients’ requirements.  The APQP training aims to give employees the awareness they need to understand the fundamental contribution of designing and manufacturing to the whole business workings. Companies are also taught to properly manage the 5 phases of APQP. Learning is encouraged through hands-on approach and group activities.  Functional timing is developed through planning, while realism is enhanced through process instructions, control plans and flow charts.  To mitigate the hazards of potential failure, Control Planning is placed to aid the manufacturing and process engineering by providing a structured description of various systems used to minimize product and process variation. Adequate Quality Controls for product features and process parameters are also established.
  • Failure Mode Effects Analysis Training – FMEA pertains to the method used by Quality and Engineering to identify and quantify the threats associated to probable process and product failures.  FMEA training is actually part of strategy organizations employ to mitigate risks during and after production. Organizations are given the skills and knowledge to assess severity of failure, the chances of it occurring and the ability to recognize opportunities to initiate improvement.  Involved employees are also recommended to work in an FMEA team to improve terminology and methodology understanding.
  • Production Part Approval Process Training – PPAP is a standardized method of submitting approvals to customers regarding new or changed parts before accomplishing production orders. The PPAP training basically focuses on establishing whether customer engineering, specification requirements and design records are properly understood by the supplier before carrying out any manufacturing runs.  This includes understanding instances when PPAP submissions are needed, familiarizing oneself with PPAP requirements and the different forms used in submissions.  And finally, learning about APQP cycle.
  • Statistical Process Control Training – SPC consists a family of tools necessary to methodically control and monitor production processes. Due to the complex nature of SPC, the training is undeniably time-consuming.  However, it ensures better understanding of the variation in the manufacturing process (including measures and patterns). Participants are also taught to work well with attribute control and variable charts. Describing process-capability concepts are made easy through control charts. SPC training is also ideal for lean manufacturing training.
  • Measurement System Analysis Training – MSA is process by which a number is assigned to a product or service characteristic. It is used to assess the statistical measurement system properties of every process.  MSA training consists of detailed tutorials about various MSA techniques and evaluation of Gage Repeatability and Reproducibility Studies (GR&R).   GR&R is used to determine level of variation and measurement system acceptability.

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