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Food Safety System Certification 22000

About Food Safety Certification

Food Safety System Certification 22000 or FSSC 22000 is a leader when it comes to ISO 22000 based food safety system certification scheme. It is developed by The Foundation for Food Safety Certification.  It is a nonprofit scheme and it is independently managed. In a short span of time, there is an evident increase in demand for it, showing the added value this certification gives to the supply chain.

Photo of a farmer's hand violating food safety system
Supported by the Global Food Safety Initiative, an increasing number of global retailers and food industry players are dealing only with food makers who can provide FSSC 22000 certification. This assures them they are dealing with businesses committed to deliver nothing but quality.

The intention of the scheme is to make a thorough audit of the company’s production facilities and processes. By passing the requirements of food safety, a certification is given, branding the business a worthy member of the supply chain. Under its scope are perishable animal products, fruit and vegetable products, processed food such as canned goods, packaged items that have long shelf life, materials used for food packaging, and other items involving chemical processes such as vitamins.

Since FSSC 22000 is based on existing standard for ISO certification, you need only to gain additional review regarding sector PRPs’ technical specifications, given that you already have an ISO 22000 certification. FSSC 22000 is confident that with its flexible scheme, they will be able to cover the demands and scope of international food sectors.

Consumers today are smarter than ever. They know what to look for in the market. Their senses direct them to what brands or names to look for when patronizing products. With the advancement in food technology, their concerns increase as well. They are driven by the need to be safe and sure. This is why you need FSSC 22000 to help you establish a high level of competence consistent to its standards.

Benefits of Acquring FSSC 22000

Acquiring FSSC 22000 will help strengthen your connections and network as your supplier-customer relations are improved. You carry the seal of recognition that your organization is committed to improve performance and it is flexible to handle diverse demands of the industry. You gain a solid ground when it comes to understanding what key players in the industry expect from the whole supply chain. This is an advantage point for food makers. As a business owner, you are not left in the shadow. You are informed of the concerns of the global food supply chain.

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