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Re-benchmarked Food Safety System Certification

Food Safety System Certification

The Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) group recently re-benchmarked FSSC 22000 or Food Safety System Certification in compliance to their recent Guidance Document update, the Sixth Edition Guidance Document.

FSSC 22000 or Food Safety System Certification has been gaining global popularity as food safety has become more and more vital in the food manufacturing industry. Recently, GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative), a non-profit body administering food safety benchmarking, approved the recent changes in FSSC 22000in conformance to the recent revisions in the organization’s Guidance Document, its 6th edition.

FSSC 22000 or Food Safety System Certification is based on ISO 22000, a global standard that covers food safety management. FSSC 22000 was created to certify the existing food safety system practiced by organizations in the food supply chain. Organizations covered by FSSC 22000 are either processors or manufacturers of vegetal produce, animal produce, food ingredients, food with longer shelf life, bio-culture produce, vitamins and materials involved in food packaging. Organizations that are already certified in ISO 22000 are subjected to additional reviews in conformance of the technical requirements.

Production Cookie in Factory on the Automatic Transfer Technological Line

The recent re-benchmarking of FSSC 22000 was an important revision from the procedure used in the Fifth Edition of GFSI’s Guidance Document. Generally, the latest Guidance Document set the level higher and considered more robust in terms of food management requirements. The Sixth Edition Guidance Document also took on a more scope oriented approach to cover all entities responsible in the food production. This generally covers the entire food supply chain.

As stated in the recent press release in February 22, 2013, here are the Food Safety System Certification’s Scopes of Recognition in GFSI’s Sixth Edition Guidance Document:

  • C Animal Conversion
  • D Pre-process Handling of Plant Products
  • EI Processing of Perishable Animal Products
  • EII Processing of Perishable Plant Products
  • EIII Processing of Perishable Animal and Plant Products (Mixed Products)
  • EIV Processing of Ambient Stable Products
  • L Production of (Bio) Chemicals
  • M Production of Food Packaging

KPS Resources Director, Kevin Swoffer, led the GFSI Committee in the re-benchmarking of Food Safety System Certification. Along with Wal-Mart’s Supplier Food Safety Compliance Senior Manager, Michele Shewmaker, and Maple Leaf’s Certification & Audit Director, Andrew Clarke, made comparisons and document exchanges of requirements in FSSC 22000 in accordance to objectives of GFSI’s Sixth Edition Guidance Document. These Food Safety System Certification requirements covered ownership of food safety schemes, its management and other supporting systems. When the Benchmarking committee was satisfied, consultation to over 9000 GFSI stakeholders was done in order to come up with a more robust and extensive coverage in the new benchmark for FSSC 22000.

Acquiring Food Safety System Certification

Being FSSC 22000 compliant is now one of the most credible way to compete in the global food market. Being able to have an established and recognized food safety system is not only cost efficient to an organization but also establishes a company’s brand in wider consumer market. To know more about the Food Safety System Certification, contact Atlanta’s QSE consultants today.

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