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FSSC 22000 Management System

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Food Safety Management System

FSSC 22000 is a comprehensive certification scheme for Food Safety Management Systems that rely on existing ISO standards such as ISO 22003, ISO 22000 and various technical specifications (concerning sector PRPs) to help limit and minimize food hazards.  It basically outlines the requirements organizations need to comply with in order to get accredited according to the ISO guide 17021.  For manufacturers that are already ISO 22000 certified, they only have to get an additional review against PRP sector-related technical specifications in order to be considered eligible for this specific certification scheme.

The Basics:

The FSSC System was developed to help companies active in the food industry further solidify their Food Safety Management policies by getting them certified.  Those who produce perishable vegetal goods, animal products, food condiments (like additives and vitamins) or even food packaging materials are strongly encouraged to acquire this certification and subsequently attain a GFSI recognition.  Manufacturers or suppliers that have GFSI-accepted food safety schemes get global attention and more appreciation, thus, improving their stand among food retailers.

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FSSC 22000 also aims to be the leading, non-profit and ISO-based certification scheme throughout the entire food supply chain.   It uses the ISO 22000 as basis for the requirements relating to management systems and the Publicly Available Specifications (PAS) or ISO Technical Standards for the necessary prerequisite programs.  The approach applied is similar to that of food safety management systems since they integrate well with quality and environmental management systems like ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

The audits for the surveillance as well as the certification are process-based. Those audits determine if the company’s Food Safety Management System is able to meet the standard’s requirement.  If the audit results show that the company has been successful in staying consistent with the high-level demands of each process at each stage, then they are recommended for certification. However, just in case the audit results returned negative then the company is obliged to make the necessary improvements to the system to be considered competent.

The Requirements:

  • The FSSC 22000: Part 1 – details the scope of the requirements organizations vying for certification need to achieve.
  • ISO 22000:2005: Food safety management systems – describes the requirements in terms of development, implementation and maintenance that business units in the food chain need to cover completely.
  • Requirements for Prerequisite Programs – technical specifications and conditions of the PRPs are documented and specified. Documents utilized will vary depending on the nature of the company.

Acquiring FSSC 22000

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