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The British Retail Consortium And Food Safety

Global Standard for Food Safety

One the primary trade associations, the British Retail Consortium (or BRC), formed as a result of merging of the British Retailers’ Association and the Retail Consortium in January 1992. Small and  independently owned, as well as established stores and retailers are represented by this trade association in the UK. They are the voice of the retail industry in the country and provided significant information through their campaigns. With a representation of around 80% of the retail trade in the United Kingdom,  they produced standards that require manufacturers’ compliance in areas such as food, other consumer products as well as packaging.

BRC pioneered the development of its Global Standard for Food Safety in order comply the industry requirements of the European Union’s General Product Safety Directive and United Kingdom’s Food Safety Act.  BRC’s standards are recognized industry-wide and are not solely limited to retailers within the UK but also require compliance from companies exporting to the country. BRC’s inspectors conduct certification to these companies especially those who are supplying their own label products to supermarkets. With retailers’ advocacy to BRC’s standards, the concern with food issues are treated seriously and remains to be of top importance to retailers as precautions in ensuring selling food and food products are safe and that consumers are informed in the safe preparations at home.

Food safety focuses on considerations such as the origins of food including the main product as well as the practices involved in processing it. These include food labeling, the additives added, the food hygiene as well as the pesticide residues. Its safe delivery up to the consumers and the preparations required are also vital in terms of compliance to the BRC food safety standard.

Benefits of being certified to BRC’s food safety standards lie in the credibility of the company and its products. Organizations who are BRC certified can expect increase in customer satisfaction and be able to provide protection for the consumer, increasing customer advocacy and revenue increase brought by credibility in providing trusted and certified food products. Being certified to BRC’s food safety standard provides reassurance to retailers and manufacturers as well as credibility to suppliers in the food industry. It generally improves the quality and safety of the products and ensures compliance to legal regulations.

Obtaining Certification

Passing BRC’s food safety audits can be achieved through the help of consultants such as QSE consultants. QSE’s “Ten Step Approach”™ helped over 600 companies obtain certification with majority obtaining it with  zero deficiencies. This 10 Step Approach has a built-in discipline to involve all employees including top management right from the beginning to achieve long-term desired results. It emphasizes on developing Simplified Documented Management Systems to meet or exceeds the requirements of any Management System Standard requirements. If you are looking to work with a team of credible and reliable consultants in the food safety area, choose Quality System Enhancement consultants. For more inquiries regarding BRC’s food safety certification, you can contact QSE Consultant through the website or call 770 – 518 – 9967 now.

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