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Go Beyond the Demand of FDA Food-Code

Go Beyond the Demand of FDA Food-Code

Go Beyond the Demand of FDA Food-CodeAccording to United States Center for disease control at least 1 out of every 6 Americans is affected by Food borne illness. In 2011 innocent looking Cantaloupe was responsible for death of nearly 33 people.

Outbreak of E.coli bacteria from a clean looking Chipotle restaurant was unexpected. Millions of dollars are being spent to get things right at Chipotle. Cost of outbreak from any restaurant could be astronomical. That means cleanliness alone may not be adequate. Most responsible Restaurant owners would be taking many more precautions which may or may not be adequate.

In order to scientifically manage the whole process a restaurant needs an outside agency to help with following:

  • Formulate a comprehensive risk based  preventive control program,
  • A Sanitation and Pest Control program which could be monitored with the help of few checkoff lists.
  • Control on Purchasing and Receiving Materials
  • A Simplified Single level documentation covering all aspects of preventive controls
  • A structured process that can train employees.
  • A system that can keep the facility ready for any inspection at any time
  • Gain $$$$ through increased customer confidence.

Simplification is the buzz word. Simpler the system easier is to follow and also be passing any inspection with flying colors. Simplification Delivered is QSE’s motto

A simplified, comprehensive, scientific, risk based preventive control management system keeps the restaurant failure proof and ready for any inspection at any time.

QSE is your answer for all questions in Restaurant Food Safety. Fully qualified consultants will take your restaurant food safety systems to a new height. Consultants from QSE can inspect, give restaurants a comprehensive preventive control based Food Safety Management System. Suggest remedial measures and also train employees.  As per final rule of FSMA act released on November 13, 2015 it is mandatory for restaurants to demonstrate risk based preventive control mechanism in their food safety management systems. Call QSE on 770-518-9967 for immediate assistance.

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