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HACCP Training And Consulting

HACCP, Food Safety and ISO Training

HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points.  This basically pertains to the systematic approach used to reduce the risks of producing food products that are unsafe or not fit for human consumption. HACCP is included in the ISO standard 22000 FSMS 2005, which is known to include essential elements of two prerequisite programs that are all about food quality assurance.

Canned good for food quality assurance
Many ISO consultants offer ISO training for organizations seeking an ISO 22000 certification or individuals wanting to receive professional training in the said ISO course.  Manufacturing companies that regularly encounter food hazard issues and similar business entities that would like to develop the quality of their food preparation processes are encouraged to adopt the HACCP method.  Of course, it is important that interested parties get to be trained first to ensure proper and successful implementation of this particular food safety measure.

ISO consultants, as we all know, play an integral role in making sure that involved organizations are able to meet the requirements needed to get their desired ISO standard certification. They possess the necessary know-how’s that will help employees become aware of their responsibilities in keeping food safety a top priority.  They can also monitor and verify if all workers are able to accomplish assigned tasks without fail.  ISO consultants, in other words, prepare companies to be competent in delivering food products that are safe and undeniably healthy to consumers.

Sufficient HACCP training and consulting allows the following benefits to emerge:

  • Improved production processes– Once workers get to understand the importance of their participation in the entire process of producing quality foods, they will be motivated to perform well and maybe even exceed expectations.
  • Reduced product loss costs – Once proper control is established, there is a high possibility of workers not committing any mistakes which may have previously caused for products to be rejected. Also, since they have better understanding of what they are supposed to do, they can focus more on their tasks.
  • Enhanced product quality – If food production processes are improved then it will also inevitably result to high quality food products.
  • Food Hazards eliminated – if HACCP implementation becomes effective then the unfavorable components and conditions which may contribute to the development of food hazard will be eliminated.
  • Happier producers and consumers – If a company is able to receive the ISO Standard 22000 then it will be able to gain the trust of most consumers; which is ultimately the most rewarding form of recognition that a producer can get.

HACCP and ISO Consultants

Quality Systems Enhancement or QSE provides one of the best HACCP training and consultation service necessary to help you acquire the certification for the ISO standard 22000. QSE is also willing to customize any of its offered courses to meet your company’s needs. For more inquiries regarding ISO registration and consultations, you can check out Quality Systems Enhancement website, or call 770 – 518 – 9967 to get a more detailed explanation on how you can avail their ISO consultation and ISO training services.

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