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ISO 22000

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Food Safety Management System

ISO 22000 is a food safety management system. It provides guidelines and requirements on how to prevent food hazards. In preventing food hazard, the goal is to efficiently implement a consistent discipline within an organization, regardless of size, to be able to participate and compete fair in the food chain.

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People today are more thoughtful of their health. The more we inform ourselves in the process of food making, the more critical we are in consuming. Unfortunately, there are still some who take on the impression that anything from the market is 100% safe. We know that this puts ourselves in harm’s way. However, this is easily preventable. It is believed that sickness due to food contamination is easily avoidable if guidelines for food safety is adhered to.

ISO 22000 recognizes the need for food safety management system. Under this, requirements are specified involving the following elements:

  • Interactive communication – Communication in the whole food chain must be open at each step so as to observe critical points that may compromise the whole process. In here, clear identification of the consumers and suppliers’ roles are sorted. This entails effective interactive communication. Consumer needs and requirements are properly assessed and addressed, leading to higher customer satisfaction.
  • System Management – ISO 22000 was created in such a way that would enhance ISO 9001 which deals with what service or manufacturing industries must accomplish in order to uphold quality and assurance of a system. ISO 22000 is procedural oriented, making it well suited to ISO 9001. In addition, its risk management system is specific to what industry the supplier is working on.  It can be integrated in a functioning system or be independently implemented.
  • Prerequisite programs – conforming to other related policies, a business can effectively pinpoint what strategy to use. This enables them to distinguish all reasonable hazards and allows them to determine what internal or external resources are needed to protect the food chain.
  • HACCP Principles – Conducting hazard analysis, identifying critical control points, establishing critical limits and setting up monitoring requirements for each, preparing corrective actions, ensuring effective system implementation, and keeping of records. ISO 22000 works around these principles. If these principles are integral in an organization, each area in the food processing can be depended to bridge each processing stage fluently.

Acquiring ISO 22000

In acquiring ISO 22000, you safeguard your organization against possible threat of health hazard issues. It understands the need to protect both the consumer and supplier. As mentioned earlier, consumers are more demanding now when it comes to food safety that is why most purchasers require ISO certification. This makes your business trustworthy in the eyes of consumers.

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