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ISO 50001 : Tapping The Benefits Of Efficient Energy Management

What Is Efficient Energy Management

Energy is one of the vital elements in production and therefore companies in use of any form of energy should adhere in international standards in order to manage it effectively. ISO 50001 known as the Global Standard for Energy Management is a framework that provides the strategies on how to effectively manage the efficiency, cost and environmental performance of energy usage.

Released in June 2011, ISO 50001 was created to suit every organization. The high cost of energy and environmental concerns calling for companies to go “green” became a good basis for ISO 50001. With countries creating legislation’s to lessen Greenhouse Gas Emissions, promoting “green” operations across all industries aimed not only to adhere in legislative targets but also to lessen dependence in fossil fuel and manage the impact of rising energy price. This concept was taken by ISO into a more global sense leading to the creation of Global Standard for Energy Management.

ISO 50001 can be integrated to other ISO standards such as ISO 9001 or Quality Management Systems, as well as the existing  ISO 14001 or Environmental Management Systems. The methodology of all three standards are based on the Plan-Do-Check-Act Cycle ( PDCA Cycle ). The requirements of ISO 50001 focus on development of policies aiming to improve energy usage, set goals to adhere to the policies, utilize data in understanding and making strategic decisions in using and consuming energy, measuring the results and evaluating the policies implemented in order to have a sustainable and effective energy management system.

Organizations certified in ISO 50001 garnered significant reduction in energy cost and elevated their status in adhering to the global demand of energy management. The environmental and financial impact of being certified to ISO 50001 can last in years to come. This means cost savings and continuous improvement in managing the usage and consumption of energy while continuously living up to their commitment to environmental legislation’s and social responsibilities. This commitment can elevate an organization’s reputation in the market and therefore can attract more businesses.

Certification in ISO 50001 focuses on effective management of energy while ISO 14001 emphasizes on the environmental impact of the business as whole. Combined with ISO 9001, the enormous benefits in cost reduction, credibility and efficiency can warrant a wider market share and higher revenue returns.

How to get help with Efficient Energy Management

QSE consultants from Atlanta, Georgia have been providing assistance to organizations in successfully passing certifications. By developing their very own 10 Step Approach, they were able to help organizations prepare and achieve certified status in various ISO Standards. With more than 20 years of experience in providing consultancy and training services to companies aiming to pass ISO certifications, their significant impact in the success of their clients proved to be a vital factor in achieving ISO certification.

If your company is currently looking into ISO 50001 as a way to boost your credibility and save cost by effectively managing your energy use and consumption, contact our QSE consultants and find out how their 10 Step Approach can help you get certified. Visit their website or call 770 518 9967


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