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ISO Consultants for GFSI Standards

Eliminating Contamination Prior Production

ISO 22000 is a quality assurance program that aims to ensure food safety by adopting a proactive approach that reduces the risk of food contamination.This specification is formulated and supported by active players of the food industry to make certain that something is being done to control, limit and lower microbial activities that may put a lot of people in danger.  This is also aligned in the Food Safety Modernization Act.

Global Food Safety Initiative lays out in detail the processes involved in food production and identifies all possible dangers that may threaten the consumers’ health.  It also mitigates manageable complications by eliminating negative variables before actual production. Food hazard is one of the things that workers constantly look out for as this may cause spoilage(e.g. improper storage, excessive room temperature and pests).  The primary goal of the system is to deliver an end product that is safe both for distribution and consumption.

Food safety concept on egg inspection
Scientifically documented processes regarding food production serve as the framework that HACCP follows in terms of standardization of quality food measures. The requirements needed to be granted an ISO 22000 are quite extensive and meticulous. Quality Food Management Systems and Safety provides a list of the general factors that have to be considered if a particular organization is vying to qualify for an ISO standard recognition.

  • All organizations involved, whether directly or indirectly, in food production should make their sources from primary to tertiary be known.
  • Food processing plants should indicate their equipment supplier and have that equipment specified in their certification application.
  •  Business entities that oversee the distribution of the product, such as hotels and restaurants, will be checked as well.
  • The benefits to be received when awarded a certification for implementing an ISO standard management system are plenty, one of which is compliance to Food Safety Modernization Act.

The reason why companies are eager to obtain this kind of certification is due to the fact that ISO equates to high quality and in vital in compliance with Food Safety Modernization Act. Especially in an industry that has people as its target market, consumers are more willing to patronize brands that are legally ISO recognized.

Other Benefits of having the stamp of ISO 22000 approval:

  • Ensures that all processes involved during production are systematic and safe.  Food security is prioritized to prevent any contamination from occurring.
  • Review of the overall system allows the organization to address needs that will help improve its operation.
  • ISO training is applied to ensure quality service.ISO training equips workers with necessary skills and know-hows for them to accomplish their job efficiently.
  • Customer interaction is also encouraged to further develop management strategies.

ISO Consultants for GFSI Standards

Hiring ISO consultants such as Quality Systems Enhancement (QSE) will allow you the opportunity to get the certification that you need without the hassles of complex documentation. QSE is one of the best ISO consultants that will help you obtain the legal evidence that you desire to bring your company up to the level of internationally renowned food manufacturers and distributors.With their 10-Step Approach, they have helped organizations pass ISO audits.To learn more how Quality Systems Enhancement consultants can help you achieve ISO certification, call them at 770-518-9967 now.

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