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FSSC 24000 Scheme for Social Management Systems

Introduction to FSSC 24000

FSSC 24000 is an audit and certification Scheme for Social Management Systems. It aligns with the ISO Management System approach and the ISO 10 element Structure. FSSC 24000 assists organizations in the consumer goods industry and relevant supply chains in meeting social sustainability and performance requirements. The FSSC 24000 Scheme is SSCI-recognized, endorsed as an IAF MLA sub-scope, and referenced in the ITC Standards Map. It can be applied in the manufacturing and processing sector (food and non-food) and thus protect their brands, drive business impact, and contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).



The mission of the SSCI is to provide clear guidance in the consumer goods industry to buyers and suppliers on which third-party auditing, monitoring, and certification schemes cover key sustainability requirements and apply relevant governance and verification.

The initiative currently focuses on benchmarking social compliance programmes under three sectoral scopes and is working to expand the scope of the SSCI Benchmark to environmental compliance programmes as well.

In 2024, FSSC 24000 Scheme for Social Sustainability Management System Certification was successfully evaluated and qualified against the Sustainable Supply Chain Initiative (SSCI) Benchmarking Requirements for Processing and Manufacturing. In achieving SSCI Recognition, FSSC 24000 demonstrates leadership in the effort to build credibility among sustainability standards worldwide.

SSCI Recognition facilitates the global acceptance of FSSC 24000 among those organizations that adopt the SSCI principles in the same way that GFSI recognition of FSSC 22000 Scheme protects food safety.


Which Companies or Industries Does This Standard Apply To?

FSSC 24000 is a voluntary certification which can be applied by any company in the manufacturing and processing industries. This includes manufacturing and processing of consumer goods, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, plastics, paper products, construction materials, machinery, electronics and many more.


What are the benefits of being certified in this standard?


Certification to FSSC 24000 by an independent third-party verifies that your system is implemented effectively and demonstrates an organization’s commitment to meeting social and sustainability objectives.

As a result:

  • Build trust in your social management system’s performance internally and externally by applying effective quality management principles within the organization.
  • Implement a structured approach to continually improve processes and knowing where to focus efforts.
  • Demonstrate conformity to specified social management system requirements.
  • Consistently provide products and services that meet specified minimum social requirements and applicable customer and regulatory requirements.
  • Enhance customer confidence and satisfaction, which in turn can lead to increased business.
  • Gain a significant competitive advantage by meeting any system certification business requirements from customers, suppliers and sub-contractors in order to conduct business with them.

Foundation FSSC and our stakeholders want to make a social impact and contribute to the SDGs.

Globally, problems related to human rights are increasing rather than decreasing. Through FSSC 24000 Scheme, we strive to improve labor relationships, health & safety at work, and work & business ethics with a management system approach that drives continuous improvement on critical social issues.

FSSC 24000 certification Scheme for Social Management Systems targets an organization’s internal systems and incorporates the internationally recognized, independent standard PAS 24000: Specification for Social Management Systems that includes requirements for social performance. This enables organizations to adopt a Social Management System which assists them in improving their overall labor-related social performance and applying due diligence in their supply chain management.


Key Requirements, Features of the Standard

Continuous improvement for Social Performance

FSSC 24000 Scheme provides a strategic approach incorporating the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle and risk-based thinking. This ensures the identification and control of social risk and continuous improvement.


Trusted and Robust Audits

The trustworthiness of the Integrity Program for FSSC 24000 is assured. The Scheme encapsulates continuous monitoring and covers all licensed Certification Body activities to ensure compliance with Scheme requirements.


Transparent Governance Structure

FSSC 24000 Scheme is managed by Foundation FSSC and governed by an independent Board of Stakeholders comprising representatives from sectors across the consumer goods industry and related supply chain partners.


Certification Process

The ISO certification process is a systematic approach that organizations follow to demonstrate their commitment to quality, efficiency, and compliance with international standards. It typically involves a series of steps to ensure that a company’s processes and practices meet the specific requirements of FSSC 24000.


The process to achieve certification often consists of the following steps:


Contacting a Certification Body:

  • Contact an accredited certification body (also known as a registrar or certifying agency) that specializes in FSSC 24000. Ensure they have the necessary expertise and accreditation to perform the certification.

Develop Documentation:

  • Create or update the necessary documentation, including policies, procedures, work instructions, and forms, to align with FSSC 24000’s requirements.
  • Ensure that these documents are comprehensive, clear, and accessible to all relevant employees.

Conduct Internal Audits:

  • Perform internal audits to assess your organization’s readiness for certification.
  • Internal audits help identify non-conformities, corrective actions, and opportunities for process improvement.
  • Train your internal auditors or consider hiring external auditors to conduct these assessments.

Certification Audit (Stage 1):

  • The certification body conducts a Stage 1 audit, which is typically a document review.
  • They assess your documentation, policies, and procedures to ensure they meet the standard’s requirements.
  • Any identified issues or concerns are communicated to you at this stage.

Certification Audit (Stage 2):

  • The certification body conducts a Stage 2 audit, which is an on-site assessment of your organization’s operations.
  • Auditors evaluate the effectiveness and implementation of your QMS to ensure it aligns with FSSC 24000.
  • Non-conformities may be identified, and you’ll be required to address them.

Companies often hire expert consultants to simplify the FSSC 24000 certification process and reduce the burden on existing management teams in leaning new standards, ensuring compliance, developing documentation and more. This ultimately makes it more cost effective for companies to hire consultants to support them through the process than pursuing it on their own.


Quality Systems Enhancement is the only company that offers guaranteed certification through our 10-Step Approach™ to FSSC 24000 certification. QSE consultants emphasize developing simplified, documented Management Systems which meet or exceed the requirements of FSSC 24000. This 10-Step Approach™ has a built-in discipline to involve all employees, including top management, right from the beginning to achieve long-term, desired results. Our approach is so complete that we have helped over 800 companies obtain certification, of which, the majority have obtained certification with zero deficiencies.


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Support Services Offered by QSE


FSSC 24000 Training:

  • QSE offers comprehensive training programs to help organizations understand and implement the [FSSC 24000 Name] effectively.
  • Our training sessions are tailored to suit your specific needs, whether you are new to the standard or looking to enhance your existing knowledge.
  • Our experienced trainers provide practical insights and real-world examples to make the learning process engaging and informative.

FSSC 24000 Consulting:

  • QSE’s team of expert consultants specializes in guiding organizations through the process of achieving compliance with [FSSC 24000 Name].
  • We offer customized consulting services that address your unique challenges and objectives.
  • Our consultants work closely with your team to develop a tailored strategy for successful implementation and certification.

FSSC 24000 Auditing:

  • QSE conducts thorough audits to assess your organization’s conformity to FSSC 24000.
  • Our auditors have extensive experience in evaluating compliance and identifying areas for improvement.
  • We provide detailed audit reports and actionable recommendations to help you continually improve your quality management system.

About QSE

Quality Systems Enhancement (QSE) was founded in 1992 by Baskar Kotte in Roswell, Georgia. Throughout the years, QSE has grown to include consultants from all over the world including the United States, Canada, Mexico, India, and more.


QSE has helped over 800 companies to achieve registration in very diverse industries such as automotive, aerospace, electronics, healthcare, packaging, telecommunications and more. QSE is also a certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) and a member of the National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC) throughout the following states: Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, Florida, and Kentucky.


Our proprietary 10-Step Approach™ to certification addresses each element in the standard and includes a mix of specialized training, consulting and auditing. We have used this approach successfully registering over 800 companies. Our approach has provided a one hundred percent success rate the first time through. Many of these successes were “zero deficiency” audits.


When utilizing this approach, we guarantee registration in as little as seven to eight months.

Of course, a variety of options are available to you based on your particular needs or budget requirements. We provide a no-obligation visit to assess your needs and offer a program that is customized to your company.


Documentation is at the core of every Quality System. We believe in a one-level documentation system as opposed to the two / three / four level documentation structures preferred by many others. Our documentation rarely exceeds 200 pages, including all attachments. One of the intangible benefits of our simplistic one-of-a-kind documentation is that it is easy to maintain – and that is a great advantage when it comes to maintaining your certification through surveillance audits. We guarantee that our documentation addresses all the requirements of FSSC 24000 and once implemented, will work for your company. Guaranteed!

Need Certification?

Quality System Enhancement has been a leader in global certification services for the past 30 years. With more than 800 companies successfully certified, our proprietary 10-Step Approach™ to certification offers an unmatched 100% success rate for our clients.

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