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Safety (Safety including STOP and OHSAS 18001)

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What is Safety ?

Health and safety issues can have a negative impact on a business or organization if not properly addressed. STOP on OHSAS 18001 are used as tools for businesses or organizations to effectively handle work place accidents. The certification process is a means of ensuring that a company does not lose money or end up with a bad image as a result of workplace accidents. National and International legislation requires proof of compliance with Occupational Health and Safety rules and regulations. OHSAS 18001 is a means through which companies, businesses and organizations acquire this International standard for Occupational Health and Safety. Businesses and organizations consider any potential risks or hazards and do everything it takes to minimize the possibility of their occurrence by introducing measures for continuous improvement.

Who Should Pursue?

  • Companies, organizations and businesses that intend to remain successful in an increasingly competitive globalized economy should go for the STOP and OHSAS 18001 Certification because it ensures time is not lost through workplace accidents.
  • Businesses that intend to ensure their production processes are not interrupted.
  • Organizations that intend to eradicate accidents which cost them money, and also bring about a bad image for the company or business.
  • Businesses and organizations that want to enhance their profitability through less time lost and improved processes.
  • Businesses and organizations that want to continually improve on their own OHSAS Management Systems.
  • Those that intend to minimize the number of occupational accidents

Benefits of Safety

  • STOP and OHSAS 18001 Certification is proof of compliance with national and international OHSAS legislation.
  • Enhance profitability through less time lost and improved processes.
  • Offers an opportunity to minimize the number of occupational accidents. If there is an already established OHSAS Management System, the OHSAS 18001 Certification offers a chance to continually improve on the system that is already in place.
  • Assures motivated employees by providing a safe work environment.

Our approach

QSE adopts a “Ten Step Approach” to Implementation. This approach, designed and perfected by QSE, addresses each facet in an easy to implement manner. Tools merge with each other seamlessly and so effortlessly that the end product is a top-notch quality.

Need Certification?

Quality System Enhancement has been a leader in global certification services for the past 30 years. With more than 800 companies successfully certified, our proprietary 10-Step Approach™ to certification offers an unmatched 100% success rate for our clients.

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